These photos are from the year 2005 to 2006. You will see the following:
(1) hands on manipulatives that I purchased with my own money,
(2) overhead projector that I purchased with my own money,
(3) digital projector and laptop that I bought to use specifically in all of my classes so that I could provide my students with the best educational material possible.,
(4) Hand written detailed notes on the desk that I wrote by hand for the students.Those notes were kept in the file cabinet. The students were able to access those anytime,
(5) I paid for domain hosting and used it to duplicate the notes on a student web site that I designed and built myself. I also provided my students with a detailed syllabus in class and online so that they would know what was to be taught every day each cycle. I also did detailed video notes and video tutorials that they could access 24 hrs a day. I gave my students every conceivable tool that they needed to succeed.


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