1. You will see student projects of the Braille alphabet. They were studying how transformations, symmetry, rotation, translation and reflection is repeatedly used in the braille alphabet. They learned how to identify and perform transformations so that they could describe movement and patterns, such as in Braille letters.
2. The Origami Project- You will see student made cups that actually held water. They used origami to discover how congruent segments and congruent angles are used to create the cups. This project was connected to and related to the section on bisecting segments and angles.
3. Popsicle sticks were used by the students to create three dimensional regular polygons. They learned about their angles and about how such shapes play a major role in infectious diseases.
4. The stars that you see on the walls were a paper cutting craft project for studying various polygons. In this section, they learned how to describe the properties of a figure so that they could identify polygons and their various properties such as symmetry, and reflection transformation.
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