Tutoring Approach

Building and establishing strong relationships and networks with families is critical and essential to producing successful students. That support structure increases the students' success rate.

Not only is specialized and individualized tutoring utilized, the methods of Dr. Mel Levine who is the author of "A  Mind At A Time" is also incorporated, applied and used during the tutoring sessions. Since each person learns in different ways, a great deal of focus is put on understanding how each student's mind functions so that a personalized and customized tutoring plan and strategy can be created that fully meets and addresses the needs of each student.

Every student is tested to identify their weaknesses and deficiencies so that it may be determined which will be the best and most effective instructional solutions to employ.

As a result of utilizing the proven findings of the "Public Education Network", "National Coalition for Parent Involvement in Education", "The Harvard Family Research Project", and "The Ohio Department of Education", the testimonials demonstrate that I can help you and your children discover and awaken the full potential that resides in all of you.

Commitment, dedication and a willingness to completely follow my prescription to heal your mathematical ailments will ultimately cause you to achieve your academic goals.

Serving the academic needs of you and your children is of paramount importance.

I am looking forward to you giving me the chance to prove my commitment to your academic needs and to your children's academic needs as the people in the testimonials allowed me to prove my commitment, concern, and dedication to them.

[NOTE: "A Mind At A Time" is a trademark of Dr. Mel Levine]
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