The Math Healer Mission

1. Improve their problem solving processes.

2. Teach them how to be "Concept Detectives." When they can quickly identify the underlying concept of each new problem, then they can quickly solve each problem because they now know the foundational rules, laws, and principles that are connected to each problem. All problems have universal laws to which they must adhere.

3. Help them learn how to use the "Language of Mathematics" more often in their lives so that they will be better equipped to manage problems that occur in their lives on a daily basis.

4. Develop them into math students who can compete with any math student from any where in the world at any time in the 21st century.

5. Develop my students into problem solvers who not only understand what they are doing, but are able to use their mathematical understanding to efficiently, effectively, and quickly determine the right solution for any standard and real-world applied problems that require imagination, creativity and an extraordinary understanding of the fundamental building blocks of mathematics.

6. Be leaders in developing new ideas that will open new areas of research and development in yet unchartered areas of math and science.

7. Give them the ability to know why and how the laws, rules, principles, properties, concepts, and algorithms of mathematics work.

8. Teach my students to understand basic mathematical theories and be able to show evidence of their understanding by providing logically reasoned and systematic solutions on paper which demonstrate that the students know how to apply and use the underlying laws, rules, principles, and properties that govern mathematics and the sciences.

9. Prepare them to earn above average scores on any standardized test and be able to successfully and competently complete any primary, high school, college and or graduate level math class.

10. Give my students a strong understanding of how mathematics works.

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