Video Testimonial Disclaimer


The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires that I inform you that each person’s outcome in these video testimonials is unique.

The past success of these students is no guarantee that you will have similar results.

Every possible tool and method is used to track, gauge and predict your possible academic outcome.

These testimonials are only reference information, based on these individuals’ experiences, to help you make a decision to either use the tutoring services of the Math Healer, or not use the services.

Please understand that no claims are being made from these testimonials that you will have similar academic success as those described by the individuals on the testimonial page.

According to FTC rules and regulations, I am required to tell you that it is possible that you will not achieve the academic improvement or success that you seek by utilizing the tutoring services or academic enrichment of the Math Healer Institute. FTC rules and regulations state that I cannot make such claims.

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