General Legal Disclaimer

The FTC requires that you be informed that your academic success or improvement as a result of receiving tutoring from the Math Healer Institute is influenced by your effort, dedication, persistence and focus. Each person learns in different ways, acquires information in different ways and retains information in different ways.

My students have proven that the student who succeeds must be diligent, disciplined, follow my exact directions and spend at least nine to twelve hours per week studying. He or she must work on the practice exercises and tests and must use the online supplemental video instruction. Anyone who does that will be a successful Math Healer student - that means you and or your children will be successful. If learning difficulties are discovered, then research will be done to determine the best tutoring approach that will help the student overcome his or her learning disability. A family prescription will be formulated. Family cooperation and assistance is absolutely essential for my students to succeed. The teachers and school must also be a cooperative partner. Your children's success requires that the teachers communicate with me and work with me so that we can develop a team success plan for the students. If the teachers are resistant or hesitant to do that, then please refer them to my class room photo gallery so that they will be able to see that I am not asking them to do anything that I have not done as a class room teacher. The class room photo gallery shows how committed I was and am to my students. If all of those pieces are in place, then I will be able to help you and or your child or children succeed and excel as my former and present students are doing.

Every possible and proven instructional teaching and testing method is used to track, gauge and forecast your POSSIBLE future academic performance. Every possible tool is used to help you learn and acquire skills and concepts that you need to be academically successful.

By reading this mandatory legal disclaimer, as required by the FTC, you understand that the rate at which people learn and acquire information varies enormously. As a result, we can only state the possible and probable improvement that you or your children may make and experience as a result of using the tutoring services of the Math Healer.

By reading this legal disclaimer, you agree not to hold the Math Healer Institute or any of its educational consultants legally liable if you do not achieve the academic improvement or performance that you are anticipating by using the tutoring services of the Math Healer Institute.

By reading this legal disclaimer, you acknowledge that you were legally informed about your possible outcomes as a result of using the services that are provided by the Math Healer Institute and that the Math Healer complied with FTC public notice requirements, and regulations and that the Math Healer did not use any deceptive advertising on this web site

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