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Hello there. After viewing a few of your videos I was able to gather some feedback in regards to your teaching methodologies.

1. I was able to see evidence of clear expectations as it relates to you effectively defining the math concepts in calculus/algebra and relating it to previously taught objectives.
2. I was able to also observe a high level of academic rigor as you posed open ended questions that required in depth critical thinking skills among your simulated classroom of students.
3. I heard you giving students the opportunity of "wait time" and asking them to dialogue/debate among what they felt was the reasonable answer. You accepted answers from a variety of students but insisted on not "interrupting" the learning inquiry by immediately establishing if the 1st response was the accurate response.
4. During your lesson intro you established what would be taught and how it could be used in the future. I also heard you "spiral" prior SE's ( Student Expectations) of what should have been learned but may need to be refined. I believe if you had an actual classroom your students would have been able to benefit through the building of the foundational pieces if they were deficient in a concept.
5. Your step by step approach reminded me of the way Saxon Math would introduce, then reintroduce a topic or concept in a fashion that provided time for intervention and reinforcement practice.
6. As an administrator I feel like I could walk into your classroom and see evidence of current student work, criteria charts, rubrics, student generated anchor charts and hear students talking to each other about what they are learning.

Reflection Piece During Instruction:
When I visit classrooms I authentically talk with students and ask a variety of questions. A few of the questions I ask are similar to these:
What are you learning?
Why are you learning?
How do you know your work is good?
Where do you go if you need help and your teacher is currently helping others or unavailable?

Excellent Job at your lesson delivery and excellent job at teaching your students to authentically articulate what they have learned.

Miss Trinica Venters, Assistant Principal, Fort Worth, Texas

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: I must recognize and give my respect and gratitude to the professors listed below. If it were not for their mentoring, patience, energy and the belief that they had in me and showed me I would not have the mathematical skill that I posseses today. As a direct result of their mentoring, teaching and instruction, I was fortunate enough to be able to use my math knowledge in the service of my country. I am truly grateful for the energy and the time that they put into me.

I have the utmost esteem for these professors:

-> Professor Charles David Keys
Rutgers University, Newark, NJ

-> Professor Denis Blackmore
New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark, NJ

-> Professor P. Milojevic
New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark, NJ

I must also acknowledge Prof.Daljit Singh Ahluwalia, PhD who saw to it that I received a teaching assistantship as a result of maintaining a 4.0 during my first year of graduate studies. I am truly, truly thankful for the confidence and the trust that he showed me and put into me. I am grateful!

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Systems Of Equations By Substitution, Prob 2, Part 1
Systems Of Equations By Substitution, Prob 2, Part 2
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