* One-on-one personalized tutoring at my office, in your home and or on the internet.
* In office tutoring is in a class room setting.
* Office tutoring must be made by appointment.
* A parent or guardian must be present during tutoring.

* I provide online practice tests that allow each student to measure his or her understanding of the concepts. By utilizing online practice tests, weak areas are immediately identified, addressed and corrected before the student has to take a scheduled test.

* Each student is tested to determine his or her areas of weakness. Once the weaknesses are identified, a customized study and preparation plan is put into action.

* Personal customized videos that address specific questions are also created. This too is a supplement to the one-on-one tutoring.

* In addition to one-on-one tutoring, each student is given access to a private site where customized supplemental video instruction is provided to enhance and reinforce each tutoring session. The site is continuously updated. The videos are time released to coincide with the concepts that the student is working to master. This method is also known as drip feeding.

* If the student is unable to keep his or her at home appointment, an online whiteboard tutoring session can be scheduled. The online session is recorded so that the student can download and replay it. Chat or Skype is available.

* I like to establish an immediate working relationship with the student's math teacher. I ask the teacher to provide me with a syllabus outline of the topics to be covered and the sequence in which they will be taught so that I may pre-teach the content just before the class room teacher introduces the concept. I have found that the student is able to truly internalize the concepts when his or her teacher introduces the concepts after being pre-taught. This preteaching allows the student to master the concepts faster.

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