7 Life Skills You Can Teach with a 3D Printer By Joshua L Davis III

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New technologies can be used with great effects to teach various skills to students. There are noticeable improvements in their capabilities when modern tech tools are used to teach them. Students face several problems when working with a new tech tool like 3D printer. It becomes necessary for them to seek help from other people. Sometimes they come up with right solutions on their own after trial and error process. At other times, they have to seek help from the teacher and other students. Such devices are useful in teaching students various life skills. There are 7 life skills you can teach with a 3D printer to your students.


Interpersonal Communication Skills
A 3D printer is designed in such a way that even a young person without prior knowledge can start using it immediately. However, there are many technical things that one must learn before using a 3D printer. A student has to discuss with fellow students how to explore all the possibilities that a 3D printer presents. Such discussions lead to improvement in a student’s interpersonal communication skills.


Most jobs require effective teamwork. Students can perform better when they work as a team. Each student excels in a particular skill. They can create something new and brilliant when they come together. A 3D printer requires students to collaborate when they want to make a particular product. They have to discuss among themselves how to come up with the right solution. It helps them learn collaborative skills.


Helping Others
Students cannot do everything on their own. There are times when they need help from others. However, many students are shy of seeking help. People generally do not provide help unless someone asks for it. A student often faces problem while working with a 3D printer. It becomes necessary to seek help from someone who knows the solution to that problem. Students learn to help each other and come out with the best solution.


Critical Thinking
This is essential to all round development of a student. It is possible to develop critical thinking capabilities in students. It requires giving them some difficult problems and asking them to find solutions. A 3D printer requires critical thinking to come up with a solution that will really work. It could be a simple wheel design that solves the movement problem of an object. It can be a prosthetic limb that will help a person or an animal to overcome physical difficulty. All such solutions require critical thinking on the part of the maker. A 3D printer shows students if their idea is really possible. They can check the result immediately. They can change the design and iterate until they come up with the right product.


Finding the Best Way to Solve a Problem
A problem can be solved in several ways. It is not necessary to use only one solution. Students have to work as a team to come up with a solution. In the process, they have to overcome various difficulties if an item designed with the 3D printer does not work as intended. They have to go back to the drawing board and fix the issue to improve the product. It helps them learn how to solve a problem in the best possible way.


Excelling in a Competition
Life is full of competitions. A student fearing competition is not going to succeed in life. Teachers can use 3D printer to help their students excel in a competitive environment. A small project with a goal can be given to each student or each team. The person or group that comes up with the right and perfect solution wins the race. These small projects let students learn how to excel in a competition. They have to use various skills to come up with the best possible solution.


Confidence Building
Students see their ideas becoming a reality thanks to the 3D printer. They can design all types of small products. This makes them believe they can achieve what they want. It helps build confidence in the students who use 3D printers. It is now possible for them to build large structures as well. They get the confidence to solve real life problems on their own.


Learning of these life skills helps students succeed in life. It becomes easier for them to solve different types of problems. They learn to communicate, collaborate and come up with the best solution while working with a 3D printer. This device is a great tool to teach students how to solve real life problems.


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